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Sleipner dollies and lowboy trailers revolutionize the mobility of your existing drills, excavators and dozers.  

An hour of transport instead of eight hours of tramming. Workshop conditions instead of field repairs. Less undercarriage repairs. Better health records. This is what wheels of change can do – it’s like having extra machines and people working for you.  


The wheeled advantage

More working, less tramming

An hour less tramming means an hour more work. The reduced machinery transport times mean better availability and more productive hours.

More speed, less damage

Tramming is slow and tough for the undercarriage. Transporting your heavy machinery smoothly and quickly on wheels significantly reduces maintenance costs. 

More efficiency, less emissions

A smooth ride saves fuel. Transporting on wheels reduces the fuel consumption of your entire operations while cutting down on CO2 emissions. 


E Series

Why pay for a trailer chassis when you just need the wheels? Sleipner E Series dollies are available for most excavators ready to roll in minutes and give your operations the instant wheeled advantage. 

DB Series

When the heaviest equipment needs moving, Sleipner DB Series lowboy trailers are ready when you are. With a capacity of up to 130 tons, they offer an on-site speed of up to 15–30 km/h for any machinery. 



Your drill, excavator or bulldozer becomes dead weight when it is transported. With Sleipner dollies and lowboy trailers, you can reduce the tracked equipment transport times up to 85%. The reduced downtime results in a productivity increase of between 12 and 20%. It is like having an extra machine in your fleet, but without the extra cost.


Bumpy tramming is stressful for your machinery. With Sleipner dollies and lowboy trailers, you can double or triple the lifespan of the undercarriage. Your equipment can be taken to the workshop instead of resorting to risky field repairs. Other benefits include less repairs, at least 20% faster maintenance, reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs.


Less tramming reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Less onsite maintenance means a smaller risk of fuel or oil spillages. Safer working also means improved health records and more motivated personnel. Let Sleipner’s wheels of change improve the sustainability of your entire operation!


When you work with Sleipner dollies and lowbed trailers, you are never alone. Our service network supplies all the original spare parts, expert support, qualified service and comprehensive training to help you use your Sleipner dollies and trailers in the safest and most productive way.


From mines and quarries to contracting sites, from wind farms to ports and earthmoving projects. Wherever excavators, bulldozers, drill rigs and other heavy machinery need moving, there is Sleipner – increasing productivity, reducing service costs and lowering greenhouse emissions.  


As mines are founded in more and more challenging locations, the need for improved productivity, better mobility and lower costs becomes more pressing. Sleipner dollies and trailers help you solve all these issues.  


Moving more material per shift – that’s the simple recipe for a more efficient quarry. With the new mobility enabled by Sleipner dollies and trailers, you can combine the mobility of wheel loaders with the efficiency of excavators while saving on operating costs. Sleipner solutions help you perform selective loading efficiently and blend your materials without compromises. 

Other applications

Wherever heavy tracked equipment must be moved, there is a job for Sleipner dollies and trailers. Earthmoving sites, tunnelling, dams, road construction, wind parks, mine reclamations, pipelines – the wheels of change increase efficiency in a wide range of different projects.