Case stories - Sleipner


Flexibility, cost reductions, efficiency – wherever Sleipner dollies and trailers are used, customers report the benefits they have brought. No wonder the world’s biggest mines and quarries, including all the world’s biggest mining corporations, rely on Sleipner dollies and trailers. With over 250 deliveries to 57 countries, Sleipner continues to spread the mobility advantage – one mine and quarry at a time. 

More mobility, less fuss

It only takes a few minutes to load a couple of bucket loads of material into the truck’s bed, drive the excavator tracks onto the Sleipner unit, turn the upper carriage around and place the bucket on the truck’s bed. Then just lift the tracks up, give a horn signal to the truck driver and off you go to the next location. So easy, so simple!” 

More possibilities, less maintenance

With the same maintenance budget, we can now serve a larger dozer fleet thanks to the new mobility possibilities of the Sleipner DB Series. All maintenance can be done in the workshop. This has saved 20% in labour hours and improved maintenance safety. We can load and unload wherever needed, and we can even relocate the equipment to new dozing sites after the service. The Sleipner DB Series is safe and easy to use, as one man can handle the whole loading process.”