Mines, pits and quarries are an unforgiving environment where every idle minute costs money. To guarantee the reliability and uptime of your Sleipner dollies and trailers, and ultimately the mobility of your mining equipment, Sleipner has a range of services to back you up. Sleipner support, operator training and dealer network services ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.  

Keep your Sleipner productive

Your robust, reliable Sleipner dollies and trailers are advanced mechanical units, and DB Series trailers also have sophisticated hydraulics and electronics. Scheduled preventive maintenance through our knowledgeable dealer network is vital for maximum uptime and productivity.  

To prevent any problems before they even appear, the telematics system of your Sleipner DB Series lowbed trailer has a built-in service reminder. The Sleipner telematics system also features a direct connection to our technical customer service team. This enables remote troubleshooting and faster problem solving, getting your Sleipner up and running as quickly as possible.

Always the right part, always on time

Your Sleipner units are designed for years and even decades of reliable service. To keep your wheels spinning without costly interruptions, we recommend you always use original Sleipner spare parts designed for flawless performance.  

To help keep your entire Sleipner fleet in top shape with a minimal spare parts inventory, we have developed our product line to be modular. This means that the same parts can be used for several different machine sizes. This reduces the need to stock additional parts and the capital investment tied into your parts inventory.  

To make sure you always have the right part when you need it, our dealer network will help you in all your Sleipner spare parts issues.  

Online documentation

Operating, maintenance and spare parts manuals are available online through our portal for Sleipner customers. The technical documentation includes the operating and maintenance manual for each machine, with electrical and hydraulic schematics and documentation for the attachments.  

Training for safe and efficient use

Operating an excavator or a dump truck safely and efficiently in challenging site conditions calls for a lot of training. This is why mines often have a deep-rooted training culture and their own training departments.

When your site uses Sleipner products, it is important to teach your personnel how to safely operate the equipment and how to integrate Sleipner products into your existing production processes. When you purchase Sleipner products, we will train and certify your operators to run them safely and efficiently. Our experts are there for you, whatever questions you may have.  

Users unfamiliar with Sleipner products often think that our dollies and trailers might be hard to use. Fortunately, after participating in training and operating a Sleipner product just a few times by themselves, they appreciate their ease of use. What’s more, most of the training for the Sleipner E Series can be carried out on a simulator, which reduces training costs and minimises disruptions to your operations.  

Efficient training with safe working practices is an important goal in Sleipner training. While training will never take precedence over production, it must ensure that everyone involved always puts safety over profits in every situation.  

Simulator training for the Sleipner E Series

For learning the basics, as well as maintaining the skill level of operators, simulator training is an easy way to reduce training expenses by up to 66%. It also enables the possibility of training remotely while ensuring the maximum availability of units in production. Simulator training also helps minimise CO2 emissions.  

Two simulators are available for E Series training: the static TS355 simulator and the transportable TS355C simulator. The former provides a more realistic learning environment with its motion platform and three 55” screens, while the latter fits in a container for easy transport to different training locations.