Transporting your excavators, bulldozers, drills and other heavy tracked mining and quarrying equipment on wheels instead of tramming offers many advantages. It can reduce undercarriage service costs up to 50%. It can improve the efficiency of your mining or quarrying operations by as much as 12–20% while reducing the greenhouse emissions of your entire fleet. And on top of all that, your health and safety records will be improved. Sleipner offers you comprehensive solutions for putting your fleet on wheels.  

Sleipner E Series: Cost-effective dollies for excavators

Why pay for an entire trailer if you just need the wheels? Sleipner E Series dollies put your excavator on roller skates, replacing slow and shaky tramming with a fast and smooth ride on rubber wheels. This means up to 85% less time used for on-site transits – and more time for productive work. What’s more, less vibrations means less undercarriage repairs, not to mention improved working health for your personnel. Available for most excavators in the 23–570 metric tonne range and enabling speeds up to 15 km/h (9 mph), the Sleipner E Series is easy and safe to use and built to last.  

Sleipner DB Series: Multipurpose lowbed trailers for all heavy machinery

You need your large bulldozers, drill rigs and other tracked machinery doing what they were purchased for – not crawling slowly from place to place. Did you know that up to 15% of working hours can be spent tramming? The Sleipner DB Series is a family of multipurpose, heavy-duty lowbed trailers for moving all heavy machinery, tracked or wheeled, quickly and smoothly. With the DB Series, you get more working hours from a smaller fleet while reducing the need for undercarriage repairs.  

Transport speeds up to 15–30 km/h (9–18 mph) are just half the story. The entire process is speeded up by fast loading and unloading thanks to a tilting bed, agile moving thanks to a small turning radius, and good transportability in rough terrain thanks to high ground clearance. This translates to increased productivity with lower maintenance costs – and a smaller equipment purchase budget.  

Support, spare parts, training and other services

There is more to mobility than just hardware. Sleipner support, spare parts and training helps you make the right purchases, keep your equipment in first-class working order, and maximize the return on your investment.