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Sleipner DB Series: So much more than traditional lowboy trailers

When it comes to heavy machinery, mobility equates to flexibility, savings and efficiency. By putting your drill rigs, bulldozers and other heavy tracked equipment on wheels, you can get more done with fewer machines. In terms of mobility, safety, agility and rugged reliability, you can’t beat the Sleipner DB Series. More than traditional lowbed trailers, they offer you fast loading, agile transporting, reliable braking and sufficient ground clearance – maximising productivity and minimising maintenance costs.  

The wheeled advantage


Less tramming equals more productivity – your equipment is where you need it to be


Smoother transits mean less maintenance


Getting rid of tramming can double or even triple the undercarriage service life


Flexible mobility reduces the need for costly field repairs

Why choose the Sleipner DB Series?

Having your bulldozers, drilling machines, excavators and other equipment on tracks has many advantages – but speed is not one of them. With a rugged but agile Sleipner DB Series lowbed trailer designed for your needs, you can revolutionise the mobility of your fleet, getting more done with fewer machines and dramatically reducing maintenance costs.  


The Sleipner DB Series features two heavy-duty trailer models for moving tracked equipment weighing up to 130 metric tonnes at speeds of up to 15–30 km/h (9-18 mph). They can even be used for wheeled equipment – their versatility is limited only by your imagination and the maximum allowed payload. Their tilting bed enables easy loading and unloading, their small turning radius provides agility in crammed quarries, and their high ground clearance makes them suitable for a variety of terrains. What’s more, their reliable braking ensures safety.  


With enhanced mobility and less time spent tramming, you get more working hours out of your equipment. You also reduce the need for maintenance and improve the flexibility of your entire operations. That’s the power of mobility!  


Typically, drills and dozers use up to 15% of their working hours travelling on tracks. The Sleipner DB Series can save travelling time by up to 85%. Instead of spending several hours tramming on tracks, the transportation can be typically done in less than an hour with a Sleipner DB Series lowbed trailer, saving time for productive work. Getting more effective working hours from the same fleet means increased production. Alternatively, you can get the same amount of total effective working hours from a smaller fleet. That means lower maintenance costs and a smaller equipment investment budget. Either way, the Sleipner DB Series will improve the efficiency of your fleet and maximise the benefits.  


Tramming is stressful for the undercarriage. By using the Sleipner DB Series, the undercarriages of your drills can last up to 2–3 times longer. What’s more, the excessive bulldozer undercarriage wear caused by travelling in 3rd gear is also reduced.  

Improved mobility means your drills and the bulldozers can be taken to the workshop for service and maintenance instead of time-consuming and unsafe repairs in the field. With all the tools and spares available in a safe working environment, both unplanned and planned maintenance can be performed with less downtime.  

After maintenance, the higher mobility enables the equipment to be transported rapidly to the next working location according to your production needs. As a result, the Sleipner DB Series has a hugely positive impact on the overall life cycle costs of your drills and bulldozers, saving at least 20% of the maintenance labour hours.  


With the Sleipner DB Series you get more flexibility for your daily production planning. Drills and dozers can be relocated whenever needed, even in the middle of the shift. Even though the mobility of the drill fleet doesn’t restrict planning, the blasting sequences can be planned without compromises. Dozers can be relocated according to your production needs. Areas with no need for fulltime dozer service availability can be operated with shared resources.  


The Sleipner DB Series can be manoeuvred in previously unimaginable on-site conditions, including upward slopes, descents and tight corners. The big wheels provide excellent ground clearance, enabling Sleipner DB Series lowboy trailers to be used in rough terrain. Using an articulated dump truck (ADT) as a towing vehicle provides unparalleled agility. ADTpowered hydraulics tilt the bed, enabling the drill or dozer to be driven onto the DB Series trailer in just a few minutes. Uphill and downhill performance meet mining industry standards with a full load.  


Tilting the load bed makes loading and unloading processes safe. Sleipner DB Series models have a reliable braking system. The operator can control all functions of the control system through an on-board display unit. The wheel gauge of the DB Series offers incomparable safety. There’s no risk of overturning even if the wheels drop off the road. Railings and steps provide operators a safe passage to the trailer deck.  


The DB45 trailer is easy and quick to connect to the ADT whenever the trailer is needed. When the trailer is not needed, the ADT can be used for normal jobs. The Sleipner coupling hitch can be mounted to many different ADTs, increasing the flexibility of your operations.

DB Series

Notice; Some equipment may have some optional extras, like walkways or cable drums what can set limitations for physical suitability or operating weight. In order to ensure the equipment suitability to DB Series detailed fleet review is part of sales process.



For the DB45 and DB80, articulated dump trucks in the +40-tonne weight class are suitable towing vehicles. The most popular ADT models are the Cat 740, Volvo A40, John Deere 410 and Bell B40.

For the DB130, articulated dump trucks in the +45-tonne weight class are suitable towing vehicles. The most popular ADT models are the Cat 745, Volvo A45/A60, John Deere 460 and Bell B45/B50.
The entire concept is designed to work with an articulated dump truck (ADT). An ADT offers agility and good towing performance in all conditions in which the trailer is planned to be used.
On the DB45, the max width is 3000 mm and max length 5800 mm.

On the DB80, the max width is 5560 mm and max length 8700 mm.

On the DB130, the max width is 7050 mm and max length 8700 mm.
The compatibility of blast hole drills must be checked on case-by-case basis due to their service platforms, which can make the drills wider .
It can carry rubber-wheeled equipment as well, such as wheel dozers and wheel loaders. Sub-stations, buckets, containers and pumps can be transported as well.
The maximum allowed speed is 15 km/h (9 mph) when the Sleipner DB Series trailer is loaded. If the trailer is without a load, the maximum allowed speed is 30 km/h (18 mph).
Yes. The DB Series is available with an optional integrated winch. The hydraulic winch is designed for towing broken dozers or drills onto the trailer (not suitable for rescuing bogged machines).
Yes. The wheels of the Sleipner DB Series are located outside of the load, and the centre of gravity is very low. There is no risk of overturning, not even in a situation where a wheel drops off the bench.
DB80 and DB130 trailers are mated permanently to a prime mover, and there is no quick attachment available.

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