Flexible mobility with Sleipner DB Series lowboy trailers

Multipurpose Sleipner DB Series lowboy trailers improve the onsite mobility of your tracked equipment and any heavy machinery within its weight-carrying capacity. A tilting bed enables fast loading and unloading, a small turning radius provides agility, and a high ground clearance translates to good transportability in rough terrain. Operational safety is ensured by reliable braking, excellent visibility and advanced hydraulics.

Improved productivity and planning

Sleipner DB Series lowboy trailers reduce transit hours and increase productive hours. They also provide more flexibility to your daily production planning, as drills and dozers can be picked up and delivered rapidly wherever they are needed. The increase in productivity is similar to having an extra machine at your disposal. With Sleipner, relocating equipment becomes a routine part of more efficient, more reactive and more productive daily planning.

Cost savings

With smooth wheeled transits, the undercarriage of tracked equipment can last 2 to 3 times longer. Also, the excessive undercarriage wear caused by bulldozers tramming in 3rd gear is eliminated. Furthermore, the ease of relocating heavy machinery to the workshop means maintenance and repair work can be performed in controlled conditions, resulting in faster and safer work, as well as less need for risky onsite maintenance and impromptu field repairs. You save on maintenance costs and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.

Technical details

At Sleipner we are proud of our high quality products. Our brand not only represents our vision, but also the effort we put into making a product that will last at least twice the operational lifetime of an excavator. Still today, the first Sleipner ever built is fully functional. Our top engineers have carefully designed every single component of the Sleipner System, and they are produced with the highest precision.

Sleipner Model


Max payload

45 tonnes

Recommended prime mover

Bell B40
Cat 740
John Deere 410E
Komatsu HM400
Volvo A40

Fleet suitability

Dozers up to D8T/D155/1050K
Drills up to Epiroc SmartROC T36-T65/FlexiROC D35 – D65
Drills up to Sandvik DI450 – DI650/DX600 – DP1600
Excavators up to 25 tonnes


10 tonnes

Towing vechile

Any 40 tonnes plus ADT

Tyre size