From mines and quarries to contracting sites, from wind farms to harbours and earthmoving. Wherever excavators, bulldozers, drill rigs and other heavy machinery need moving, Sleipner provides the wheeled advantage – increasing productivity, reducing service costs and lowering greenhouse emissions.  

Crack the impossible formula – do more with less!

Did you know that in many applications, such as mining and quarrying, the use of Sleipner dollies and trailers can increase your productivity by 12–20% with up to 50% less maintenance? Or that they also improve health and safety while reducing the CO2 emissions of your entire fleet? More speed, more safety, more sustainability – fewer sick days, less downtime, less repairs. With Sleipner, your annual savings can add up to millions!  

Boost your mining efficiency with Sleipner

As mines open in increasingly challenging locations, the need for improved productivity, better mobility and lower costs becomes more pressing. Sleipner dollies and trailers help you solve all these issues.  

Get your quarry producing with Sleipner

Moving more material in a shift – that’s the simple recipe for a more efficient quarry. With the new mobility enabled by Sleipner dollies and trailers, you can combine wheel loader mobility with excavator efficiency – while saving on operational costs. This helps you perform selective loading efficiently and blend your material without compromises.  

Wheels of change on every site

Wherever heavy tracked equipment must be moved, there is a job for Sleipner dollies and trailers. Earthmoving sites, tunnelling, dams, road construction, wind parks, mine reclamations, pipelines – the wheels of change can increase your efficiency in a wide range of different projects.