Challenges such as climate change, population growth and urbanisation dominate the headlines. Overcoming them requires decisions and actions – today. 

States, companies, communities and individuals – we all must change our behaviour and rethink our consumption to build a more sustainable future. 

Environmental responsibility

At Sleipner, we are continuously improving our environmental efficiency and taking environmental values into consideration in our actions and products. Our entire value chain has made a commitment to comply with Sleipner environmental policy to achieve our common goals. 

One of Sleipner’s strategic focus areas is minimising environment impacts – both in our own everyday operations and particularly by improving the processes of our customers. By using Sleipner products, our customers can achieve a verified 50% reduction in CO2 emissions in their machine transports. Another positive effect of more efficient mobility is less need for impromptu field repairs, which translates to smaller risks of fuel or oil spillages. 

For our own products, we use materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible and produced with respect for environmental values. Wherever we operate, we audit our own operations on a regular basis and report our environmental impacts as required by local legislation. 

At Sleipner, we firmly believe that engineering has the power to solve many environmental challenges by making work more efficient and optimising the use of resources. By continuously developing our own designs and processes, we are aiming for the smallest environmental footprint in the industry. 

Health and safety

Safety is always our first priority, whatever we do. Everything we build is built by highly skilled people – on the factory floor, in our R&D department, and throughout our global network. Quite simply, we believe that focusing on health and safety is an investment in the future of our operations and that, in the long run, it will reward both ourselves and our customers.

Sleipner is committed to a zero-harm policy in all our operations. Whether it is our own employees, customers, partner network or other stakeholders, our target is always uncompromised safety. 

Sleipner has a comprehensive approach to safety. Safety is considered not only in product development and manufacturing; we also ensure that Sleipner products are safe to use and maintain.  

Encouraging everybody to identify possible risk factors is embedded in our culture. Our evolved processes enable potential risks to people or the environment to be eliminated before they are realised. 

Responsible procurement

For Sleipner, one of our most vital assets is our global supplier chain. Suppliers are our valuable, trusted partners, and we want to be equally good partners to them. This mutual trust and responsible cooperation helps ensure the sustainability of our entire value chain. 

Our entire operations are based on a reliable, committed network of suppliers who act in compliance with our policies. By working together closely, we are continuously developing our operations, products and processes in order to become more sustainable. Our suppliers are the leading companies in their own fields and committed to Sleipner’s code of conduct and policies in quality, environmental impacts, health and safety, and other areas.  

Mutual trust and transparency are the cornerstones of a long supplier relationship. This is why we work openly and fairly with our supplier network in all matters. All our suppliers are evaluated according to Sleipner policies. Quality, reliability of delivery and sustainability are the main focus areas when evaluating our suppliers. 

Human rights

For us, human rights as set out in the International Bill of Human Rights are non-negotiable. Sleipner is committed to respecting human rights in its operations in every possible way, both in Finland and globally, with all our stakeholders. Shared values and principles in human rights issues are a prerequisite to working with us. We respect the privacy of each individual, as well as their freedom of religion. We tolerate no discrimination, harassment, violence, threats or insults. 

Code of Conduct

Without clear everyday guidelines, our efforts towards sustainability and ethical conduct could become nothing more but empty statements. This is why we have a comprehensive Code of Conduct that outlines the ethical principles for our operations. You can download it from the link below.